About Vratnica Virtual Reality Group

Vratnica Virtual Reality Group (V.V.R.G.) was established in June 2002.
The main cause of setting up V.V.R.G. was what we have considered as important and in the same time interesting for the young people in Vratnica - technology, informatics, electronics, etc.
We are also devoted in education and aiming the youth to the genuine social, cultural and intellectual values and principles.

Co-founder and president of V.V.R.G. is Aleksandar A.

V.V.R.G. comprises many young people from Vratnica and the region.
At the moment the organization includes around ten members, disposed in several sectors depending on the interest and the acquaintance of the corresponding problems.

Admissions for new members are open.
Please contact us if you want to be part of Vratnica Virtual Reality Group.